Top States To Retire

Top States To Retire
Florida consistently ranks as one of the top states to retire.

Over the past few years we have seen the pace of Americans opting to retire increasing. Of course, Florida has long been one of the top states to retire for Americans. As we wrote about recently here, Florida was the top destination state for Americans of all ages to move to in 2022. What about just for retirees? Over the past year, it is estimated that approximately one in five movers said they moved due to retirement. Recently, United Van Lines released its most recent survey of movers, tracking which states people were leaving as well as which states they were moving to, and why. We share these results below.

Top retirement destinations for retirees

  • #1. Wyoming (42.3%)
  • #2. Delaware (39.6%)
  • #3. South Carolina (38.7%)
  • #4. Florida (37.6%)
  • #5. Maine (35.4%)
  • #6. Arizona (34.5%)
  • #7. New Mexico (33.3%)
  • #8. South Dakota (33.3%)
  • #9. West Virginia (33.3%)
  • #10. Alabama (29.1%)


The Sunshine State is typically the first state many people think of when discussing the top states to retire. Long known for its seasonal residents in the winter, Florida has the second-oldest average population of all 50 states. Interestingly, 69.1% of movers in 2022 were 55 or older. This is a significant increase from the 53.1% that we saw in 2014. Of course, Florida has also seen some of the highest home price increases in the country over the past few years. This will likely continue to impact the number of people that can afford to live in paradise.

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