Top Towns To Retire In For 2024

Top towns to retire
The Sunshine State was represented on a recent list for top towns to retire.

Dreaming of warm weather, cultural attractions, and a friendly community for your golden years? Look no further than’s latest list of America’s Top 10 Retirement Towns for 2024! This year’s top towns to retire prioritize affordability and access to big-city amenities, making them ideal for retirees seeking an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Not surprisingly, two of the top four top towns to retire in are located in The Sunshine State. As for the criteria used for compiling this list, they include: nice weather, access to urban centers, and close proximity to medical centers. Of course, on top of all that, they’re affordable. We share the top 10 top towns to retire in below.

Top Towns to retire

  • #1. Sun City Center, FL: Topping the list is Sun City Center, FL, a 55-plus community just outside Tampa. This vibrant spot offers residents the best of both worlds: easy access to beautiful beaches and all the excitement of a major metropolitan area. Plus, Sun City Center boasts a range of housing options, from condos to single-family homes, at a median price point that won’t break the bank.
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 84%
      Median age of residents: 71
      Median list price: $315,000
  • #2. Green Valley, AZ:
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 83%
      Median age of residents: 74
      Median list price: $349,900
  • #3. King City, OR:
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 81%
      Median age of residents: 63
      Median list price: $375,000
  • #4. The Villages, FL: A perennial favorite, The Villages, FL remains a popular choice for retirees seeking a built-in social network. This sprawling active adult community features a wide range of amenities and social events.
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 93%
      Median age of residents: 73
      Median list price: $400,000
  • #5. Manchester, NJ:
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 83%
      Median age of residents: 65
      Median list price: $309,900
  • #6. Monroe, NJ:
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 70%
      Median age of residents: 56
      Median list price: $424,000
  • #7. Seal Beach, CA:
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 72%
      Median age of residents: 61
      Median list price: $369,000
  • #8. Sun City, CA:
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 86%
      Median age of residents: 58
      Median list price: $370,000
  • #9. Laguna Woods, CA:
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 99%
      Median age of residents: 75
      Median list price: $409,900
  • #10. Whiting, NJ:
    • Percentage of retiree-friendly listings: 78%
      Median age of residents: 69
      Median list price: $179,000


Whether you crave sunshine, mountains, or a taste of small-town life,’s list has something for everyone. These top retirement towns all prioritize affordability, allowing retirees to stretch their budgets further while enjoying a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. Of course, the top to retire in should be largely based on your personal needs and preferences. Although they were not discussed in this article, South Florida has many hidden gems for retirees looking for their own slice of paradise.

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By natasha moore

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