Updates to make before moving into your new home

If you are like many Americans across the country, then it is quite possible that you have recently bought a new home. While this is certainly an exciting time, there are some items that you will want to address prior to officially moving in. Planning ahead for some of these items in advance will not only make your move go more smoothly, but they will also provide some peace of mind as well. We discuss a few of these items below.

  • Change the locks: This may seem obvious to many, but it is actually quite surprising to see the number of people that forget to quickly address this most basic yet important item. Even if the seller does not seem like the type that would do anything malicious, you also do not know who else may have a copy of the key to the home. At bare minimum, the locks should be changed!
  • Address any plumbing issues: Assuming a home inspection was conducted, you would likely know of any random drainage or water pressure issues with this house. With this said, there is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with major plumbing issues immediately after moving in. As a best practice, particularly with older homes, we recommend that our clients hire a plumber to camera the sewer lines during the inspection period. This is the best way to uncover any serious plumbing issues with a home, while still having negotiating power with the seller.
  • Ensure your electrical system is working properly: It is likely that your home inspector may make some recommendations on any potential electrical issues in the home. For example, older homes are notorious for having outdated electrical panels that are considered a fire hazard by insurance standards. In addition, oftentimes certain electrical outlets require GFI protection, etc… It is recommended that you address these items prior to moving in so that you can keep your family safe.
  • If applicable, install new flooring: While this can be categorized as a “nice to do” vs. a “need to do”, replacing your flooring can be an extensive project. If your plan is to install new floors throughout the house in the near future, it is best to delay your move-in date to allow time to complete this first. As many homeowners can attest to, living in a home while old flooring is being removed and new flooring is being installed can be quite inconvenient.


While the items listed above are certainly not a complete list, they do reflect some basic areas to focus on prior to moving into your new home. As with any move, it is always best to have a well thought-out plan to account for all aspects of the transition. Of course, not all buyers have the luxury of time or financial resources to address the various items of a plan. In these cases, it is best to prioritize your list of updates to allow yourself the appropriate time to address them.

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By natasha@livesouthfl.com

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.