What Do Buyers Want In A Home?

Buyer desires in the home
The pandemic brought upon some new home trends.

There is no doubt that the pandemic sparked some new trends in real estate. For starters, there has been a major push for not only more indoor space but also more outdoor space. In addition, amenities that allowed homeowners to be more productive from their own homes also took center stage. (i.e. home office for remote workers & home gyms, etc…) With regard to outdoor space, a simple analysis of the increased demand for items such as boats, kayaks, bicycles will certainly prove that enjoying the great outdoors has also been a byproduct of the pandemic. When it comes to housing, we are also seeing some consistent trends as well.

A push for more outdoor space

Recently, the remodeling site Fixr released their 2022 Home Design Report. This study surveyed 47 home designers to determine the most sought after home features by their clients. As for the most desired home features, they were as follows:

  • #1. Natural lighting: cited by 98% of clients
  • #2. Home office: cited 96% of clients
  • #3. Usable outdoor space: cited by 92% of clients

As for other top features, energy-efficient thermal insulation (86%) and HVAC systems (75%) were also important. Interestingly, some preferences that were in higher demand during the earlier days of the pandemic but have since subsided some are swimming pools, solar panels and smart home features which were cited by just 18%, 20%, and 43%, respectively.

With regard to the home office, this survey determined that the average homeowner spent approximately $3,500 to transform their spare room into a desirable work-from-home space. Other features preferred by homeowners include home security systems (76%), spare rooms (68%), privacy features including automatic blinds and fences (63%), and multi-use garages (42%).


In closing, the desire for usable outdoor space continues to be highly sought after by home buyers. Therefore, if you are considering listing your home for sale, it would be a good idea to update your yard to make it more appealing and usable. In some cases, sections of yards may be difficult to maintain grass and other vegetation. As an alternative, artificial turf may be a good option for these scenarios. In the end, showcasing every square foot of your property as inviting and usable will likely result in a quicker sale for top dollar.

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By natasha moore

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