When Is The Right Time To Downsize Your Home?

Many homeowners reach a point where they decide to downsize.

As the old saying goes: “Home is where the heart is”. For many homeowners, their house is more than just bricks and mortar – it’s a place filled with memories and a lifetime of experiences. But there comes a time when even the most cherished spaces start to feel a little too big. Whether your children have flown the coop, your priorities have shifted, or you’re simply tired of mowing the lawn, many often wonder when it is the right time to downsize their home. After all, downsizing can be a smart and liberating move for many homeowners. But how do you know when that time is right? Below we discuss some signs that might be urging you to consider a change.

Signs to consider a downsize

The Finances Are Strained: If your monthly housing costs are eating up a significant portion of your income, downsizing can free up cash for travel, hobbies, or that rainy day fund. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, you should aim for under 30% of your monthly income going to housing costs.

Moving Closer to Family: For many homeowners with children that move away, a home downsize may be the perfect opportunity to move closer to family. In many cases, this means being near the grandchildren as well.

Empty Rooms and Echoes: Do you find yourself rattling around in a house with unused bedrooms and dusty guest rooms? If more space translates to more cleaning and maintenance, a smaller home might be a welcome change.

Location, Location: Maybe your dream location has always been a walk-able downtown condo or a cozy beach bungalow. If your current home no longer suits your lifestyle, downsizing can be an opportunity to relocate and embrace a new adventure.

Upkeep is a Challenge: Maintaining a large property can become a burden, especially as we get older. If keeping up with yard work and repairs is becoming a chore, a smaller home with less maintenance might be a better fit.

Freedom and Flexibility: Downsizing can free up not just money but also time. With less space to clean and maintain, you might have more time to travel, pursue passions, or simply relax and enjoy life.


Ultimately, downsizing isn’t just about square footage – it’s about rightsizing your life for your current needs and future goals. If you’re feeling bogged down by your living situation, a fresh start in a smaller space could be just the thing to reignite your zest for life.

Downsizing is a personal decision. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, consider your future plans, and don’t be afraid to seek professional advice from a real estate agent and a financial planner. With careful planning, you can turn downsizing into an exciting new chapter in your story.

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By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.