Which Florida Counties Have The Highest Home Values?

Home values
Home values vary across The Sunshine State. We discuss the most expensive counties.

Florida, the land of sunshine and sandy beaches, also boasts a dynamic housing market. But for those looking to buy, navigating the price variations across counties can be tricky. While estimates vary based on the source, the median home values throughout the state range from $405,000 to $420,000 throughout the Sunshine State. To help you out, let’s dive into a recent study by Smart Asset that identified the counties in Florida with the highest median home values.

Florida counties with the highest home values

  • #1. Monroe County: $957,819
  • #2. Walton County: $681,162
  • #3. Collier County: $594,299
  • #4. St. Johns County: $515,056
  • #5. Nassau County: $463,650
  • #6. Manatee County: $458,069
  • #7. Miami-Dade County: $479,969
  • #8. Martin County: $460,905
  • #9. Sarasota County: $460,560
  • #10. Palm Beach County: $458,834

Beyond the numbers

While median home value is a crucial factor, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Consider these additional aspects when making your Florida homebuying decision:

  • Cost of living: Factor in property taxes, insurance, and other ongoing expenses.
  • Local amenities: Think about proximity to schools, healthcare, and your desired lifestyle options.
  • Inventory: Research the current housing stock and competition levels in your target area.


Needless to say, the persistent demand for housing in The Sunshine State has forced median home values to rise in recent years. Although we continue to see Florida as a top destination for many Americans and even foreign buyers, higher interest rates have contributed to keeping the buyer demand in check. As a result, we are seeing listings remaining on the market for longer periods of time with many even being forced to reduce their asking prices. Of course, buyer demand is expected to once again increase if and when we see some consistent pull back in interest rates.

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By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.