Wood-look tile: Pros & cons

In recent years, wood-look ceramic or porcelain tile flooring has gained in popularity. If you spend a day looking at multiple properties for sale, chances are that you will encounter this type of flooring. Of course, natural wood and laminate wood flooring is still very popular as well. Below, we will highlight some pros & cons of wood-look tile to assist you in your decision.

Pros of Wood-look tile

Cost: $2 – $8 per square foot for ceramic tile; $4 – $12 per square foot for porcelain; installation averages around $5 per square foot – On average, these costs are lower than traditional wood flooring.

Durability in humid climates: Both ceramic & porcelain tile flooring are waterproof and able to withstand high humidity climates. This makes this material highly desirable in South Florida.

Hypoallergenic: Tile does not harbor allergens like carpet or even hardwood can. The waterproof nature of tile flooring also limits the probability of mold, if installed correctly.

Less maintenance: Tile flooring essentially does not require any maintenance. It is possible that you may have to clean the grout lines or have it re-grouted eventually though.

Can be installed in the shower: If the wood-look is what you want in a bathroom, this product can be installed throughout. This includes the shower floor & walls. Needless to say, this is not an option with natural wood flooring.

Cons of wood-look tile

It is not wood: Although this may seem obvious, it actually is an important factor to some buyers. For example, buyers relocating from northern states where natural wood flooring is quite common, this look-alike product may be a turn off.

Grout lines: Unlike wood flooring, wood-look tile requires grout lines. It is recommended that these grout lines are sealed upon initial installation. However, it is still possible that these grout lines may get dirty over time & require some upkeep.

Cold to the touch: As with any tile flooring, it remains cold. This is a stark contrast to wood flooring that is warmer to the touch. To some home owners, it is important to not have a cold floor in rooms such as bedrooms. Natural wood or engineered wood flooring may be preferred here for some people.


Overall, wood-look tile flooring has become incredibly popular in the South Florida market. In particular, the moist and humid climate can be extremely harsh on natural wood flooring. With this said, wood-look tile flooring is an excellent option for those that truly enjoy the wood grain finish in their flooring. Now that these products have been on the market for several years, there are an abundance of options to choose from. If you are looking for a relatively low maintenance material that provides the look of hardwood, then wood-look tile flooring is for you!

By natasha@livesouthfl.com

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.