Moving In And Out Of Florida

The most common reasons why people move in and out of Florida.

You don’t need to look far to notice that more people are moving in to Florida, as opposed to moving out. It is estimated that approximately 808 people move into Florida each day. For more information about this, check out our previous article titled “Moving To Florida”. Of course, we also see people moving out… Continue reading Moving In And Out Of Florida

Preparing Your Home For Old Age

As more Americans opt to age in place, the home should be prepared accordingly.

As we age, most of us like to think that we are still young at heart or mind. Of course, many of us feel as though we may still be quite a bit younger even though our bodies may likely deceive us. The reality is that we are all getting older. In fact, the older… Continue reading Preparing Your Home For Old Age

What Is A Triple Net Lease?

A triple net lease is an appealing option for real estate investors.

The State of Florida continues to be the most popular state in the country for Americans to move to. Approximately 808 people move to The Sunshine State every day. Furthermore, a large percentage of these inbound residents are affluent Americans that are looking for a better life. As a result, this has not only led… Continue reading What Is A Triple Net Lease?

Home Equity Has Dropped, But Not Everywhere

Florida has led the way for home equity over the past year.

The housing market has been quite a roller coaster over the past 3 years or so. At the start of the pandemic, we essentially saw the entire economy shut down and housing was certainly in a holding pattern. Then, bolstered by historically low mortgage interest rates, we saw demand as well as prices for homes… Continue reading Home Equity Has Dropped, But Not Everywhere

Million Dollar Homes

Unlike the rest of the country, Florida has seen an increase in the share of million dollar homes.

With the recent slowdown in the housing market and the overall economy, we have seen a decrease in the number of million dollar homes throughout the country. In fact, the share of U.S. homes worth $1 million dollars or more fell from 8.6% in June 2022 to just over 7% in January 2023. Of course,… Continue reading Million Dollar Homes

Moving To Florida

Florida continues to be the destination for many movers...

If you currently live in Florida, then you probably don’t need to read this article to know that there are more people moving to Florida than out of Florida. In fact, there is a good chance that your commute to work or anywhere else is taking a bit longer these days. It is estimated that… Continue reading Moving To Florida

Things Needed To Buy A House

Follow these important steps when buying a house.

Are you thinking about buying a house? If so, this is certainly an exciting time and it is likely the biggest investment in your life. Of course, as with anything, proper preparation and execution is the key to your success. Before you begin touring homes, there are several things that you will need to take… Continue reading Things Needed To Buy A House

Rent In Florida

Rents in Florida have risen as our population has also risen.

Did you know? Approximately 808 people move to the State of Florida each day! As a result, The Sunshine State has the fastest-growing population within the United States for the first time since 1957. Needless to say, over the past few years, Florida has become the most popular state to live, work, and play. As… Continue reading Rent In Florida

How To Build Your Credit For A Home Purchase

A disciplined approach to building your credit can lead to home ownership.

Most of us have financial goals in mind. For most people, this includes The American Dream of home ownership. Unfortunately, this goal can oftentimes seem unachievable to many Americans. Of course, whether it is the goal of a home purchase or even a car purchase, your credit score can make all the difference in the… Continue reading How To Build Your Credit For A Home Purchase

South Florida Home Sale Profits Up In 2022

South Florida home sale profits had a banner year in 2022.

After experiencing a wild seller’s market for the latter part of 2020 and through all of 2021, the housing market certainly slowed down considerably in 2022. Of course, rapidly rising mortgage interest rates in efforts to curb out-of-control inflation is the biggest culprit. With home sales slowing down considerably, profit margins must have also decreased… Continue reading South Florida Home Sale Profits Up In 2022