Delray Beach Ranks Highly For AirBnB Hosts

Delray Beach is a top spot for vacation rental hosts.

Short-term or vacation rentals have always been popular throughout South Florida. This popularity in vacation rentals has exploded in recent years with more Americans being able to work remotely from anywhere. With this said, many of these remote workers end up deciding to work from various locations such as South Florida for several weeks or… Continue reading Delray Beach Ranks Highly For AirBnB Hosts

What Is A Cap Rate?

Determining the cap rate of an investment property is an important aspect of your investment.

The demand for rental housing throughout South Florida has remained strong for the past several years and this is expected to continue as more Americans look to relocate to The Sunshine State. With this said, high home prices combined with rising mortgage interest rates are also forcing many would-be home buyers to re-enter or remain… Continue reading What Is A Cap Rate?

Home Listings Are Staying On The Market Longer

Homes are remaining on the market for longer periods of time.

Across the country, homes are staying on the market for a longer period of time. Of course, with mortgage rates roughly double from where they were last year at this time, it is not entirely surprising that there is less buyer traffic. According to a recent analysis, the share of U.S. home listings that stayed… Continue reading Home Listings Are Staying On The Market Longer

Should I Get An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage?

Pros and Cons of an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM).

If you are a home buyer right now, then you already know the challenges that you are facing. With high home prices, record-level inflation, an economic recession, and now rapidly rising mortgage interest rates, there are various challenges to contend with. However, these same factors also mean that you will likely face less competition from… Continue reading Should I Get An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage?

The Importance Of Tenant Background Screenings

Background screenings are a standard part of the rental application process

Investing in income-producing properties can be a great way to supplement your income or even become a full-time occupation for some real estate investors. However, it only takes one problematic tenant to result in significant loss of revenue and even additional costs. The reason for this is because even if a landlord goes through the… Continue reading The Importance Of Tenant Background Screenings

Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney?

Having a real estate attorney during a real estate transaction can provide peace of mind.

Buying or selling real estate is oftentimes the largest financial transaction in the lives of most Americans. Needless to say, having a team of real estate professionals including a real estate agent, mortgage broker (if applicable), & a real estate attorney is extremely important. With this said, many buyers and sellers often come back to… Continue reading Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney?

Demand For Home Gyms Is On The Rise

Fitness rooms are becoming a highly desired specialty room for home buyers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had some long-lasting impacts on our daily lives. From where we live to how we conduct business, it seems that most aspects of life are different as compared to the beginning of 2020. Perhaps the biggest impact from the pandemic on the real estate market has been the booming popularity of… Continue reading Demand For Home Gyms Is On The Rise

June Home Price Increases Cool Down

Home prices are still rising, but at a more gradual pace.

Rapidly rising mortgage interest rates, record-high inflation, and now a recession are putting substantial pressure on would-be home buyers. With this said, home prices have still increased year-over-year. Of course, based on recent national headlines, you might believe that another housing collapse is on the horizon. As some examples, below are just a few of… Continue reading June Home Price Increases Cool Down

Top 3 Mistakes Made By Novice Home Sellers

It is important for home sellers to not make some of these common mistakes.

The past few years has brought upon a strong seller’s market marked by rapidly rising prices, strong buyer demand, & a resulting lack of inventory of homes for sale. In other words, it has been quite the abnormal or even irrational housing market. Naturally, this position of strength resulted in many sellers becoming overly confident… Continue reading Top 3 Mistakes Made By Novice Home Sellers

Words That Sell Houses

The right property description can result in a quicker home sale for more money.

Virtually all home searches begin online these days. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors®, 97% of home buyers used the internet in their home search. Of course, all of these searches begin with looking at photos of the property. Therefore, the importance of having professional photos that accurately showcase the property can… Continue reading Words That Sell Houses