Tipping Point For Mortgage Rates

At what mortgage rate will prospective homebuyers enter the market?

The housing market has certainly changed since 2021 when it was not uncommon for new home listings to receive multiple offers within hours of hitting the market. Oftentimes, these listings would result in bidding wars with many homes selling above their asking prices. Fast forward to today and we are seeing far fewer buyers in… Continue reading Tipping Point For Mortgage Rates

Property Taxes Explained

As a property owner, it is important to be aware of property taxes and how they impact you.

The average American household spends $2,690 on property taxes for their homes each year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and residents of the 26 states with vehicle property taxes shell out another $444. According to the National Tax Lien Association, more than $14 billion in property taxes go unpaid each year. At least the… Continue reading Property Taxes Explained

The Top Airbnb Locations In Florida

A South Florida Airbnb property can be a great investment for your real estate portfolio.

Florida is a popular tourist destination, and Airbnb is a great way to experience the state’s many attractions. There are hundreds of thousands of Airbnb listings throughout Florida, so there’s something for everyone. From budget-friendly apartments to luxurious beachfront villas, the options seem endless. As an investor, an Airbnb property can also be a great… Continue reading The Top Airbnb Locations In Florida

How Often Are People Moving?

Americans are remaining in their homes for longer periods than a decade ago.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, it is estimated that the average person in the United States will move 11.7 times in their lifetime. Of course, this figure will range based on age. For example, at age 18, a person can expect to move another 9.1 times in their remaining lifetime, but by… Continue reading How Often Are People Moving?

Common Challenges With Buying A Home

Buying a home can be both an exciting and challenging time.

The thought of buying a home is a dream for many Americans. With this said, it can also prove to be quite a challenging endeavor with many potential pitfalls along the way. Below, we highlight some of the most common challenges seen when buying a home. For more information on common issues encountered once you… Continue reading Common Challenges With Buying A Home

Vacation Home Demand

The demand for vacation homes has subsided since the pandemic.

During the pandemic, vacation home sales soared and there is no better example of this than here in the South Florida market. In addition to the desires to social distance, the virtual work environment removed all boundaries for many American workers as they transitioned from an office cubicle to their computer screens across the country.… Continue reading Vacation Home Demand

The Importance Of A Walk Through

A walk-through is a critical step in the home buying process.

Buying a home is an extremely exciting time in anyone’s life. Of course, there are various potential obstacles between getting a property under contract and the closing table. Assuming you can get through the potential stumbling blocks of price negotiations, inspections, a loan approval, and other items, it is important to conduct a thorough walk-through… Continue reading The Importance Of A Walk Through

What Is A Transaction Broker?

In Florida, real estate agents default as transaction brokers.

If you have ever purchased or sold a home in Florida with the assistance of a real estate agent, then it is quite likely that you have worked with a transaction broker. A transaction broker is a licensed real estate agent who acts as a neutral third party in a real estate transaction. In the… Continue reading What Is A Transaction Broker?

What Is An Assumable Mortgage?

With rising interest rates, an assumable mortgage may be a great option.

It is no secret that home prices are high these days. In particular, high demand states such as Florida are seeing these prices hold up even as buyer demand has decreased. Add in rising interest rates and many home buyers have been priced out of the market entirely. With this said, there is one segment… Continue reading What Is An Assumable Mortgage?

What Is An FHA Loan?

An FHA loan may be a great option for first-time homebuyers.

For many Americans, high home prices and rising mortgage interest rates have put the dream of home ownership out of reach. If you feel like you are in this boat, then this article is for you. Fortunately, an FHA loan may be a great option for you. An FHA loan is a mortgage loan that… Continue reading What Is An FHA Loan?