Moving To Florida

Florida continues to be the destination for many movers...

If you currently live in Florida, then you probably don’t need to read this article to know that there are more people moving to Florida than out of Florida. In fact, there is a good chance that your commute to work or anywhere else is taking a bit longer these days. It is estimated that… Continue reading Moving To Florida

Things Needed To Buy A House

Follow these important steps when buying a house.

Are you thinking about buying a house? If so, this is certainly an exciting time and it is likely the biggest investment in your life. Of course, as with anything, proper preparation and execution is the key to your success. Before you begin touring homes, there are several things that you will need to take… Continue reading Things Needed To Buy A House

How To Build Your Credit For A Home Purchase

A disciplined approach to building your credit can lead to home ownership.

Most of us have financial goals in mind. For most people, this includes The American Dream of home ownership. Unfortunately, this goal can oftentimes seem unachievable to many Americans. Of course, whether it is the goal of a home purchase or even a car purchase, your credit score can make all the difference in the… Continue reading How To Build Your Credit For A Home Purchase

Top Towns For A Second Home

Florida continues to be a top location for second homes.

For many affluent Americans, owning a second home is fairly common. In fact, some of the wealthiest Americans may even own three, four, or more homes throughout the country or even the world. What about the ultra wealthy? Also known as “centi-millionaires”, these are those with a wealth of $100 million or more. Recently, Henley… Continue reading Top Towns For A Second Home

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Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A House?

In Florida, it may be more economical to build a house...

There is no better feeling than moving into a newly constructed home. Of course, this can often come at a significant cost. In addition to potentially being more expensive, constructing a home can prove to be quite time consuming as well. A new analysis from the site StorageCafe, looked to determine whether it is cheaper… Continue reading Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A House?

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Housing Affordability By State

Where does Florida rank in terms of housing affordability?

The American dream of home ownership has proven to be more elusive over the past year. For starters, home prices have skyrocketed from the latter half of 2020 until now. Add in a steep rise in mortgage interest rates, supply chain challenges for building materials, a labor shortage, and a persistently low inventory of homes… Continue reading Housing Affordability By State

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Top States To Retire

Florida consistently ranks as one of the top states to retire.

Over the past few years we have seen the pace of Americans opting to retire increasing. Of course, Florida has long been one of the top states to retire for Americans. As we wrote about recently here, Florida was the top destination state for Americans of all ages to move to in 2022. What about… Continue reading Top States To Retire

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Investing In Real Estate Has Decreased

Real estate investing has slowed down considerably, even in Florida.

After the wild party in real estate during the latter part of 2020 and throughout 2021, the housing market has certainly had to deal with a hangover effect through all of 2022 and likely 2023. Overall U.S. home purchases fell 40.8% year-to-year in Q4 2022. As for real estate investors, home purchases fell a record… Continue reading Investing In Real Estate Has Decreased

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What Is A Bedroom?

It is important to know what constitutes a bedroom when selling a home.

What constitutes a bedroom? This may seem like a rhetorical question, but actually it can be quite controversial in real estate. When marketing any property for sale, it is critical that you do not mislead the public through false advertising practices. When analyzing recent housing trends, we have seen the need for additional bedrooms increase… Continue reading What Is A Bedroom?