Home ownership and wealth

Did you know? According to the Federal Reserve’s latest Survey of Consumer Finances, homeowners have 44.5 times more net worth than renters. As of 2016, the median net worth for homeowners was $231,400 (a gain of 15% since 2013), compared to $5,200 (a loss of 5%) for renters. Among U.S. families who own rather than rent, a primary residence… Continue reading Home ownership and wealth

The pandemic and online real estate scams

One byproduct of the current pandemic’s impact on real estate is the increase in the incidence of online housing scams. Although such scams have been taking place for years, the shift to virtual transactions has exacerbated the problem. Needless to say, more people are renting and even buying properties without seeing them in person. How… Continue reading The pandemic and online real estate scams

A one-way ticket to paradise?

The state of Florida has approximately 1,000 people moving to The Sunshine State each day. In normal years, many of these transplants have moved here from northeastern states like New York. This year, the pandemic has increased the exodus from highly congested states such as New York and other states. Thus far, more than 300,000… Continue reading A one-way ticket to paradise?

The importance of home pricing

So you have decided to sell your home. As a responsible home seller, you have interviewed real estate agents, begun de-cluttering your home, and perhaps worked on the curb appeal of your property. Chances are that you have received various suggested listing prices from the real estate agents that you have interviewed. Why is pricing… Continue reading The importance of home pricing

Florida Amendment 5: What does it mean?

You may have heard that there was recently an election held on November 3, 2020. As you reviewed your ballot in the state of Florida, you also noticed several amendments to be voted on. In particular, Amendment 5 has a direct impact on real estate. The exact amendment read as follows: Limitations on Homestead Property… Continue reading Florida Amendment 5: What does it mean?

THANK YOU to our veterans!

On this Veterans Day, Live South Florida Realty, Inc. would like to thank the many brave men and women that have served our great country! Without your service, we would not enjoy the freedoms that we have today! We thank you and your families today and every day for your service!

Home purchasing trends and the political landscape

With the recent election dominating the news these days, we took a look at some recent real estate data conducted by Redfin. This data focused on recent home purchasing trends and how they may impact elections. In particular, this study looked at home buyers that were looking to move to a different county during the… Continue reading Home purchasing trends and the political landscape

Should I list my property for sale in the winter?

In most typical years, the real estate market tends to slow down during the final two months of the year. This makes sense as many Americans focus on the upcoming holidays and family gatherings. For example, many sellers end up deciding to hold off on listing their homes for sale so that they do not… Continue reading Should I list my property for sale in the winter?

The smart home revolution

In recent years, home automation systems have gained in popularity across the country. Factor in that the largest home buying demographic are tech-savvy millennials and you can quickly understand how important of a home feature these systems can be. With the advent of the smartphone, we have certainly grown accustomed to immediate access to virtually… Continue reading The smart home revolution